Randomizing Images for a Digital Picture Frame

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#1 : 05/07-12 06:03
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My digital picture frame has a "shuffle" option, but each time it is turned on it begins with the same images and "shuffles" in the same order. It is not randomly displaying images. I have a motion sensor, so every time we come into the room it is beginning and running through the images from the beginning in the same manner.

I believe that this frame selects photos by date/time created. I know that I can randomize by this setting using AdvancedRenamer, but then I'll just have a new order of images that will be played in the same order again and again.

Is there a way to "trick" this digital frame into randomly selecting images by changing the images in some way using AdvancedRenamer, or with some other process?

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05/07-12 06:03
#2 : 05/07-12 08:34
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If I understand your problem correctly, you want the picture frame to have a new random order each time it is turned on.

Advanced Renamer can change filenames and timestamps, but only from one static value to another static value. It is not possible to store a volatile value in a file. This means that if your picture frame does not have proper random support, you are out of luck. It is the job of the software embedded in your pictue frame, to supply a true random experience.

Unfortunately there is no way to trick the picture frame into true random behavior.

05/07-12 08:34
#3 : 06/07-12 03:14
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Yes, you are correct, I want the picture frame to have a new random order each time it is turned on.

I understand your response. Thank you.

Would it be possible to have all of the image files with the same created date/time so that the frame would not necessarily start with the same image every time it starts up, or try a method along that line of thinking?

06/07-12 03:14