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#1 : 16/07-12 07:25
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How would one setup a run in which a single file was copied into multiple sub-directories?

I cannot figure out how to program a run to do this operation - the reverse is quite simple for me to see (I use it all the time). Any help is greatly appreciated.

16/07-12 07:25
#2 : 16/07-12 19:16
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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When I created the copy mode of Advanced Renamer I thought about if there would be a need for copying to more than one location at the same time and came to the conclusion that nobody would need that functionality. Of course nobody means one a few. This is why Advanced Renamer doesn't support copying to more than one location at the same time. I have to leave some features out to not make the program to cluttered.

As a matter of interest: why do you need to copy the file to multiple locations? And how many locations are we talking about?

16/07-12 19:16
#3 : 18/07-12 21:08
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I'm disassembling a number of .CHM files that were not well constructed. The series of .CHM files utilizes .CSS sheets stored within a folder (along with images) for each individual page. One way to quickly change the styles to a uniform, more aesthetically pleasing format, would be to copy one .CSS that contains revisions into each folder. Because AR cannot do that (and understandably so) I simply batch edit the HTML files within the directory to refer to a single .CSS. I simply couldn't figure out how to pull-off the scenario I proposed and was curious if it was possible.

As an aside: a similar situation arises during my ".CHM cleaning" which AR can handle, through a workaround (of sorts). I'll often have to batch edit the photos stored w/in those directories (0-20 photos per folder, for 50-100 folders). My batch image processor (SnagIt) requires me to add each directory individually - sort of annoying. Even more frustrating, however, is that generates new photos in a new directory (fortunately, with the original file name). So, I use AR to move the original images dispersed throughout the directory to an alternative location and then batch edit them. This creates a new series of photos, identically named, in a new folder. I change the directory name of where AR moved the original images, and change the directory of the batch-edited images to the original image directory. I then utilize the "undo" feature of AR, and it places these newly edited photos exactly back in the location I need. This feature has been a lifesaver, as it would have taken hours to tediously reassemble these edited photos otherwise.

I understand why you would choose to leave this feature out - its rarely needed and there are workarounds. Thanks for this fantastic software, it is one the most important programs I have on my computer.

18/07-12 21:08
#4 : 24/09-12 19:29
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I'm sure you've found something or copied the files manually, but in case someone else was looking here's some ideas:

I have needed that feature too. I need the same folder.jpg image in multiple folders for music series that come out weekly that used the same cover image. I found a Java application that does it. It's not the prettiest application, but it gets the job done - >

It is called

Also GDS Quick Copy works but interface is Windows 95ish 1_4-79084.html

Both programs do the job and I haven't had problems with them.

24/09-12 19:29
#5 : 26/02-14 09:43
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I used Long Path Tool to deletes/unlocks, copies/renames path too long files/folders.

26/02-14 09:43
#6 : 06/03-14 12:57
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"Long Path Tool" spams all over the net, in mostly every forum I am logged in.


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