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Hi, Kim and Stefan!

I love your software. It's very powerful and saved me countless hours. This question is in regards to photo metadata. I'm trying to batch add the file name to the title field for thousands of photos.

Here's what I mean:

I read in the help file that the "Img Title" tag "inserts the Title value of the EXIF-information of the image" which sounds like what I'm looking for but I can't figure out how to apply it.

Can you help?

-- Todd

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Todd> Hi, Kim and Stefan!

??? ;-)

- - -

Todd>I'm trying to ...add the file name to the title field ...of photos.

Please note that this is an file renamer to rename the name of the files.
It will not modify the content (i.e. Meta data e.g. EXIF) of the files.
For that issue there are plenty of EXIF tools out there.

Even the latest (beta?) version of AdvancedRenamer
comes with the exiftool.exe by Phil Harvey in the download archive.

But AdvancedRenamer will still not write EXIF data, it only reads it.
But you can open an DOS-Box and use the exiftool.exe from the
command line your self. But don't ask me for the needed parameters ;-)


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