Suggestion: have the length of the item somewhere visible

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#1 : 14/08-12 10:37
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Hi Kim,

Just an idea....

I think it would be nifty to have the length of the item somewhere visible.

The FileInfoBox or the status bar would be
an good place to show for the selected file:

FileName: [ 26] signs + extension
New Name: [ 36] signs + extension
New Path: [ 123] signs incl. extension

- - -

And for to know on which position to ADD or REMOVE
an string, it would be nice if we had an box where
we can select an part of the filename (or just click
at an position) to get the needed info:

FileName: [ This| is my file name.ext] Pos.: 4/16
New Name: [ 2012-08-14| my file name.ext] Pos.: 10/13

Perhaps an pop-up dialog, launched from context menu?


EDIT: removed ugly Ã-signs

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#2 : 14/08-12 12:07
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I like your idea and I will think about how it can be done but I won't include it in the 3.5 final release.
Usually I just try various values for the Add and Remove method and validate against the instant new name test in the grid.

14/08-12 12:07