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#1 : 30/08-12 14:26
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if I select italian language, the presets dropdown menu (with load and save method button) disappears.

Advancend Renamer 3.51
Windows 7 x64

30/08-12 14:26
#2 : 30/08-12 20:30
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The whole Preset bar is not visible.
For DE too. For example this is not with sk.lng.

That mistake comes if the "Lista methodi" panel is shrinked to small,
which seams to be the default on language change for this release.

So long you can use this workaround:

* put your cursor over the vertical line
between "Lista methodi" panel and the "Rinomina Files" panel,
till your cursor change to an left-right arrow: <=||=>

* Now press left mouse button and move still pressed
an centimeter to the right
till there is enough room for the "Lista methodi" panel
and you may see the "Predefiniti" again.


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30/08-12 20:30
#3 : 31/08-12 21:49
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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As Stefan writes you can expand the size of the method panel by moving the gray vertical line. I will try to make the default width of the method panel a bit wider.

31/08-12 21:49
#4 : 02/09-12 21:32
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Advanced Renamer 3.52 - 31. aug. 2012
* Default width of method panel is now wider

Thanks, but...

This still doesn't work for german,
because the german words are too long

00000097=Methode hinzufügen
00000099=Methoden leeren

so that this needs that much space,
there is no space for:

If i temporarily modify the 'de.lng'
00000097=M. hinzufügen
00000099=M. leeren
i have no problem to display 'Voreinstellungen:'

An Solution would be to calculate the length
of the strings from '97' , '99' and '107'
and adjust the with of the method panel
on the fly to get the needed room.

- - -

Just some tests to track this down:

This problems only occurs if i launch the
program with default english language
and change the lang to german from the settings.

If i chose german from the first start prompt
it works as indented, the methods preset box is there.

- - -

Ok, an other test:

45 chars:
00000097=Methode hinzufügen
00000099=Methoden leeren

42 chars:
00000097=Aggiungi metodo
00000099=Pulisci Metodi

37 chars:
00000097=Ajouter une méthode

So, if i had for an test removed 3 chars
from "Voreinstellungen:"
i have no visual glitch anymore too.

It's even enough to remove two chars only



The method Ersetzen (Replace) in german language
has an ugly vertical scroll bar to show all of the last hint.
Can be the replace method box one line higher?
(OTOH, it seams there is just an linebreak to much?)


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02/09-12 21:32