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#1 : 14/09-12 23:52
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Bad situation:

When I start the program --> "cannot find the specified file"

and I can't add any file to the grid, and when I close the program, another error

Access violation at address 007E4F97 in module "ARen.exe". Read of address 00000000.

What should I do?

14/09-12 23:52
#2 : 15/09-12 00:04
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solved.... I'm using the portable version now :/

15/09-12 00:04
#3 : 16/09-12 18:54
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I am glad you found a solution. But I would like to find the cause of your problem. Did you install the new version on top of another version of Advanced Renamer? If yes, what version did you have installed before?

You can try to delete all your settings by opening the Settings window, click the Open Folder button in the settings location group box. You should see files like settings.ini and methods.ini. Close Advanced Renamer and delete all those files. The try to reopen Advanced Renamer. It should be like after a complete reinstall.

16/09-12 18:54
#4 : 18/09-12 21:54
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Yes I installed the last version of the program on the older one.... it was something like 2.x.x, can't remember sorry!

By the way the problem doesn't appear immediatly! I renamed some files and I encounter another problem: the "move batch" for moving the reneamed files to another place didn't work (the older version 2.x.x. gave me this same trouble, that's why I decided to update the program)... so I disinstalled the program (deleting all settings) and reinstalled it some times, but nothing!

After this, the program generated the second problem.... and I tryied with the portable version.

I think that the portable version is really better because I can start it normally without problem and I can finally use the move batch command (really usefull).

Just another thing: I used the 2.x.x version on Windows XP and I didn't get any problem. All these problems were born after the upgrade to Windows 7...

P.S. Sorry for my english, I did my best! Oh and thanks for the program, it is really great!

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#5 : 19/09-12 08:26
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If is version 2.x.x it is very old and the settings is not compatible with the newest version. Upgrading from 3.2x to 3.5x should work without problems.

Using the portable version is a good idea. It is easy to install and you have full control of your settings. The difference between the portable and the installable version is very small, only the location of the settings differ. The aren.exe is the same.

If you encounter the problem again I would like to see your settings files, in hope I can reproduce the problem on my own computer.

19/09-12 08:26
#6 : 22/09-12 08:16
Sailor Guy
Sailor Guy
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FYI... I am experiencing the same problem. I'm running full verions 3.52, freshly installed on my Windows 7 system (I did not upgrade from an earlier version).

I used AREN for several hours and successfully renamed hundreds of folders.

Then I started getting the same "Cannot file the specified file" and "Exception violation" errors. Re-installing the program did not correct the problem (and I now know why - because the "Users\...Advanced Renamer3\Data" folder with the settings files is not deleted during an un-install).

So I deleted everything in the Data settings folder and the program is now working again.

It's very interesting that the program functioned fine for several hours and then began to crash.

At least I know how to fix the problem if it happens again.


Sailor Guy (St. Louis Missouri)

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