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#1 : 05/05-19 18:15
Daniel Frissen
Daniel Frissen
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I want to rename my video files to the date which is set in the CreateDate Field. However with the standard timestamp renamer I get an invalid date or an error. I do not know how to use the scripts. Can anyone help me?

05/05-19 18:15
#2 : 06/05-19 09:19
David Lee
David Lee
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The Timestamp method rewrites the file create date. You need to use the New Name method and build the required date format using Date/Time Created Tags.


06/05-19 09:19
#3 : 12/05-19 19:08
Daniel Frissen
Daniel Frissen
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yeah that part I understand, but now I want to set the fileCreateDate to the value that stands in the exiftool field: CreateDate. How do I do that? Cause when using other rename utilities, they always pick the date 2017-09-30 or 2019-05-04. The actual date is was created was 2017-10-03, seet attachment
<img> chmentid=337301&d=1557071197</img >

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#4 : 16/05-19 02:59
Carl Hubbard
Carl Hubbard
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Daniel, I have done this in two steps
1. using the "New Name" method based on <ExifTool:CreateDate> - <name>. This sets the filename to the tag you are looking for.
2. Use the AR "Timestamp" method to change any of the three dates available with "Filename pattern" <Year>_<Month>_<Day> <Hour>_<Min>_<Sec>

Carl H.

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