Rename/Move file in command line-folders are not created

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#1 : 09/05-19 10:41
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Hi !

I'm trying to use the Windows command line to rename a large number of file (more than 500k).
I already use with success a method list file in the batch mode but due to the larger number of file, I need to use the Windows command line.

So the pattern of my files are :

And I want this -->

When I use the Windows command line I only have the files,, The folders are not created.

Below the following line of the method list file
application=Advanced Renamer 3.84


method0000=methodname:"newname"; active:"1"; mask:"<Word:3>"; tagpage:"0"; applyto:"name";

Then the syntax of the command line in the .bat file
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Renamer\arenc.exe" -e MyPath\MyMethodlist.aren -t folders -p MyPath\Myfiles -msk *.PNG -m move -d MyPath\Myfiles\test -l MyPath\FaQ\\MyMethodlist.log

Could someone tells me where I'm wrong please?

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#2 : 03/06-19 13:38
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I'm stuck with this issue. Anybody for help, please?
Many thanks

03/06-19 13:38
#3 : 05/07-19 15:12
Kiszely András
Kiszely András
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Hi, I had the same task:
Original filename example: IMG_20190525_153719.jpg
I rename this by an aren method:
method0000=methodname:"newname"; methoddescription:"jpg_rename"; active:"1"; mask: "<ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal>_<Img CameraModel>_<Name>"; tagpage:"2"; applyto:"name";

i call this from batch file:
%3 -e all_jpg_rename.aren -p %1 -s -mask *.jpg;*.JPG
(the %3 and %1 are input parameters for cmd line)

The new name: 2019_05_25 15_37_22_thor_IMG_20190525_153719.jpg

I have an another aren file for move, whit this method:
%3 -e all_mover.aren -p %1 -d %2"\<Substr:1:4>\<Substr:6:2>_<Substr:9:2>" -s -mask *.jpg;*.JPG;*.PEF;*.3gp;*.mp4

The batch command: rename_and_move.bat "e:\picsource\test1" "e:\picsource\test2" "c:\temp\arenc\arenc.exe"

The result is a new directory hierarchy and put the files in:
e:\picsource\test2\2019\05_25\2019_05_25 15_37_22_thor_IMG_20190525_153719.jpg

Is it what you need?

05/07-19 15:12