Numerical order.

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#1 : 12/05-19 05:45
Jean-Paul Buckens
Jean-Paul Buckens
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Hi, In my file where I have my RAW pics, the order is 121, 121-2, 121-3, 121-4. When I add pics to Advanced renamer in order to renumber them, the order suddenly is 121-2, 121-3, 121-4, 121. What can I do to keep the right order of my pics ? There is a button to put the image up... but I have thousands of images. 121-2 is a detail of 121. I would like to renumber all of them in a numeric order. Of course, details need to come after the whole pic. Thanks for your help. JPB

12/05-19 05:45
#2 : 16/05-19 11:59
David Lee
David Lee
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This appears to be a Windows issue rather than Renamer.

A workaround is to replace "-" with "_" in a separate pass - then Renamer will order your files as required.

You can reload all the renamed files into the list following the batch rename by selecting "All items" in the Add files box of the Progress dialogue.

16/05-19 11:59