Incrementing numbers within days for image files

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#1 : 16/05-19 18:00
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Can you help. I really really like this program and was hoping it could help me re-name all of my digital photo's but sadly it doesn't seem able to.

When renaming a folder with, for example, a couple of months worth of photos it does a great job of changing the file-name to yyyy-mm-dd etc BUT it doesn't seem possible to add an incrementing number to the end WITHIN JUST THE DAY the photo was taken, instead the numbers just increase across all days meaninglessly.

For example:

I would like

2019-01-20 1
2019-01-20 2
2019-01-20 3
2019-01-24 1
2019-01-24 2

and NOT

2019-01-20 1
2019-01-20 2
2019-01-20 3
2019-01-24 4
2019-01-24 5

Is this possible? I would have thought so as it is the single most conventional way of naming photo's for most people (a, b, c would do instead of numbering).

Has anyone developed a work-around?
Kind regards,

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#2 : 17/05-19 12:56
David Lee
David Lee
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Don't add the incrementing numbers manually - just rename all your files to the date: yyyy-mm-dd and set the "Name collision rule" to "Append number", with a space as the "Separator".

This will rename the files as you require but will add leading zeroes to the appended numbers.

If you wish, you can remove these leading zeroes in a second pass of Renamer as follows...

Use the Replace method, selecting "Use regular expressions"
Text to be replaced: 0*(\d*)$
Replace with: \1

To avoid having to reload all your filenames into the list after the first pass select "Add files" = "All items" in the "Progress" dialogue during execution of the first batch.

17/05-19 12:56