Adding a decimal when numbering files

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#1 : 23/05-19 01:10
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I'm hoping someone can help me with this one. I have a list of files that I would like to add an ascending number to the beginning. I have figured out how to use the Add method using <Inc Nr:1>. So files




I would like to go a step futher and add a decimal after each number, so I would get


I have been trying the Replace method without luck.
One more thing I should mention, is that I would like the decimal to remain at the end of the number when double digits start, so that 10 is 10. not 1.0
And if possible, what about a space after the decimal, so I would get

1. ABC.txt
2. DEF.txt
3. GHI.txt

Thank you.

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#2 : 23/05-19 08:19
David Lee
David Lee
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You haven't bothered to read the documentation, have you? The answer is as obvious as could possibly be...

Just do what you are asking - add a decimal point and a space after the number!

23/05-19 08:19
#3 : 24/05-19 03:20
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It may be obvious to you but I'm new to this program. The documentation can be confusing. I read thru it but I couldn't find the answer, so I asked.

24/05-19 03:20
#4 : 24/05-19 10:42
David Lee
David Lee
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From the User Guide:

"Add method
If your filename is missing some words or letters, use this method to add some extra to your filename at a given position.

Specify the text that should be added.
Note: You can use tags here. "

The text you want to add is a decimal point and a space following the <Inc Nr:1> tag.

I'm sorry, but I fail to understand how you could possibly find this "confusing" if you had actually read it!

24/05-19 10:42