Bugs/Enhancements for ARENC 3.53 command-line interface

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#1 : 30/09-12 19:09
Sailor Guy
Sailor Guy
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I've discovered a couple of anamolies / bugs with the ARENC 3.53 command-line interface:

Bug: The "-mask" parameter must be in all uppercase letters for the filter to work. For example: a mask of "*.jpg" or "mov*.*" yields no (0) results. However, "*.JPG" or "MOV*.*" works as expected. The mask parameter should be case-insensitive.

Bug: The log file created by "-log log_file" yields an almost unreadable, spaced-out, streamed text file.

Bug/Question: According to the online help guide, to see the different column sort choices for the "-order" option, you can enter "arenc help order". I get no results when I type "arenc help order" or "arenc -help order" (just the full help screen with no additional details). What are the "-order" parameter options?

I want to define a sort order by "Date Taken" to ensure the files are chronologically sequenced when they are renamed. What parameter do I need to specify?

Enhancement: ARENC should assume the default BatchMethods folder for the "-execute methodlist_file" without having to specify the fully-qualified path name on the command line.

Here is the ARENC command I'm executing (a few path names have been shortened to save space)...

arenc.exe -verify -execute "C:\Sw\Advanced Renamer\BatchMethods\MCD-File
-Rename-Based-On-Dirname.aren" -type files -mode rename -path c:\_Test\20071208V-Christmas_Trees!DVD -mask MOV*.* -log c:\_Data\Logs\ARENC-20120930-1203PM.Log

Thank you,

Sailor Guy

30/09-12 19:09
#2 : 03/10-12 08:28
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I'll take a look at your findings the next time I get around to make a new version upgrade.

03/10-12 08:28