Changing multiple attributes (especially 'Media created' based on filename?

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#1 : 03/06-19 21:19
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Hi, I have multiple mp4 files that were recorded in a different timezone - on Android.
For some reason, after Google Photos has backed them up the photos and videos are no longer in the correct order to each other. i.e. the videos have had their 'Media created' date set 8 hours forward. This means they appear in a timeline sometimes for the next day!
Is there a way to batch correct these in Advanced Renamer?
I managed to maually correct one in exiftool but this involved typing in the datetime info - not really an option for all of the files.... but for reference I did this:
exiftool.exe -api QuickTimeUTC "-CreateDate=2019:05:30 11:22:05" VID_20190530_112205.mp4 to set the 'Media created' Windows attribute.
Separately, I managed to get Advanced Renamer to update the created, modified and accessd FILE datetimes to be pulled from the filename (using filename pattern).
How can I load a lot of files into the tool and have the filname be read and used to populate these attributes - especially the Media Created one as that appears to be the one Google uses to sort out..

Many thanks!

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#2 : 04/06-19 09:51
David Lee
David Lee
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As far as I am aware Renamer is only able to read EXIF tags using exiftool - however you can batch-write EXIF metadata using exiftool directly.

A quick Google search returns the following reply from Phil Harvey - the author of exiftool...

Re: Copy file creation date to exif date?

This command should do it:

exiftool "-alldates<filecreatedate" DIR

This will set the EXIF DateTimeOriginal, CreateDate and ModifyDate from the file creation date/time.

...where DIR is the name of a directory/folder containing the images.

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#3 : 05/06-19 22:54
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Reply to #2: Thanks so much for this, it's done just the job!!
For info, when I initially did it, the result was an hour out - presumably due to a BST time thing.
I ran this:
exiftool -api QuickTimeUTC "-alldates<filecreatedate"
and it corrects it and makes the 'Media creation' date and time what I needed.
If the creation date had somehow been changed I could use Advanced Renamer to get this right from the filname and then run this.
Videos all now appear correct in the timeline - just wish this wasn't necessary, it seems strange the 'shooting' times of videos aren't maintained and revert back once backed up to Google Photos.
Thanks again!

05/06-19 22:54