How to delete a preset?

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#1 : 05/11-12 01:13
Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen
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I have a duplicate in the Presets drop-down list and would like to delete one of them. I made a modification to the original and then saved the changes to a new location so now it is listed twice. How do I delete a preset so it no longer shows up in the Presets drop-down list? I am using AdvancedRenamer version 3.24 and running Windows 7.



05/11-12 01:13
#2 : 05/11-12 19:53
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Unfortunately there is no way to remove a preset from the most recent presets combobox. The list will always contain the 10 most recent method lists, no matter if they exists or not. In the next version I will make sure the program discards non existing method list from the combobox.

05/11-12 19:53
#3 : 18/06-13 22:07
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So I actually found this to be quite easy.

1) Open Advanced Renamer
2) Select Settings at the top
3) On the Environment Tab in the "Save Setting in this folder" section press the open folder button.
4) In renamer click Ok and then exit the application
5) In the folder that opened edit the settings.ini file using notepad
6) Near the bottom you should find the section labeled [recent_methodlists]
7) Delete from this list all the methods you no long want to appear
8) change the item number to be sequential eg (item0000, item0001 etc...)
9) Save the file
10) Reopen Renamer

You should find at this point that your preset list now contains only those methods you selected.

One trick here, if you leave Renamer open when you edit the file your changes will be overwritten when you close and reopen Renamer. One of the last steps it does before closing is saving the existing setting.ini file. This is why you have to close Renamer before making the changes.

18/06-13 22:07