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Release date: 2024-01-19
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You can download and use Advanced Renamer for FREE for any personal use. If you use the program frequently I hope you will buy a license to support the project.

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If you use Advanced Renamer for a business you can download and try it out for free. To continue using it, you need to buy a life time license.

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All licenses are valid for any future versions of Advanced Renamer within the 3.xx and 4.xx version range. You get a lifetime license with no extra fees for upgrades and maintenance.

Download 3.94 release 3, 2024-02-08

Advanced Renamer 3.94
Advanced Renamer 3.94 - Dark mode
The upcoming version 3.94 can now be downloaded.
Changes in this version:
    + New tags for fetching metadata from executables: <Exe Product>, <Exe ProductVersion>, <Exe FileVersion>, <Exe Company>, <Exe Description>
    + New Setting (Program tab): Menu sizing. Values are normal, compact or super compact. Default: Compact. See comparison
    + New Setting (Program tab): Enable or disable menu group names. Disable group names for a more minimal user interface when using compact or normal menu sizing
    * Help button layout changed
    * Moved menu button "User guide" to Help drop down
    * Reduced the height and width of the menu
    * Switch menu between super compact and normal/compact by small button in the menu
    * Mouse scroll wheel didn't work for method list
    * Don't allow columns in listview to be sized to 0 pixels width
    * Timestamp method: Option "Dirname pattern" renamed to "Parent folder pattern"
    * Redesigned how Replace List is rendered to fix a random display bug
    * Settings window: First page is now the Program tab instead of Environment
    * Upgrade message and "Help getting started" moved to the bottom of the window
    * Upgrade message didn't look as expected in dark theme
    * Default size of main window is now wider
    * In the "Quick add method" panel, some buttons were not arranged correctly in some circumstances, making some not visible
    * Various minor visual changes and optimizations
    - Settings window: Removed option: "Confirm clear list"

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