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#1 : 26/07-19 13:08
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Hi everybody.
I needs rename many files using/reordering the current name to a customized name. Example: K_F001423703018201809061800420010161985.xml
Needs select all files from the folder that begins with "K_F0014237030" so rename:
1) input a string "holerite" - example
2) get de sub-string from the name in the position 16 with 8 of length (date). In this case "20180906"
3) add an auto-number with 3 digits: 001, 002, 003,...

resulting in the new name: "holerite 20180906 001.xml"

Thank you in advance for the help.

26/07-19 13:08
#2 : 26/07-19 14:47
David Lee
David Lee
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It's not totally clear what you want to do when you say "input a string "holerite" - example".

There's no functionality to input strings during renaming so I'm assuming that the string is applied to all the selected files in the batch, in which case you can type it directly into the Method

If that is correct then...

1) Load the files into the list using Add - Directories with the Mask: "K_F0014237030*.*"

2) Use the New name method...
New name = holerite <Substr:16:8> <Inc Nr:001>

That should work - provided that I have correctly interpreted your problem.

An alternative would be to load ALL the files in the folder into the list and use the Replace method...

Test to be replaced = K_F0014237030.*
Replace with = holerite <Substr:16:8> <Inc Nr:001>
Use regular expressions

If you have several replacements in a similar format to K_F0014237030 -> holerite then you could rename all the files in a single pass using the List replace method.

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#3 : 26/07-19 15:03
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Reply to #2:
Thank you so much David Lee. I will test. I guess you understood my question. :)

26/07-19 15:03