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#1 : 30/08-19 04:34
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Hi All,

The image preview below the file list is showing the image thumbnails weird.
I don't know how it should be set up properly in the AR settings it just worked out of the box in prior versions but now it doesn't

It's showing a preview but it's not sizing it appropriately for the size of the preview window. It just shows the top edge of the image. Sometimes you can't even tell what the image is from that. It could just be a background with NOTHING from the photo showing at all except a wall or a sky or something completely unidentifying.
I'm pretty sure the settings causing the problem are on the "Image Files" tab in Settings.

"Use EXIF information for image width and height"
"Don't analyze image metadata"
"Always use ExifTool for retrieving metadata."

Initially I had the second one checked because I was hoping my method batches would load faster if it wasn't analyzing image metadata. But all that did was make is so there was no image showing at all and batches still load abysmally slow. I finally figured out that would be a problem so now it's at least showing a sliver of the image. With the previous version the image could be seen in it's entirety. Just shrunk to the size of the preview window. Now it just shows the sliver.

I'm having the same issue with v3.84 & 3.85 under W10 Enterprise.

I tried changing
EXIF field for image date time operations:
I tried all the permutations but it didn't fix the issue.

Thanks so much for your help.
AR is an AMAZING application and I appreciate so much the effort you've put into it.

Sorry that's a lot of information.
Hopefully it clicks for you and you have an answer at the ready.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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