find and replace characters by hex value

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#1 : 04/09-19 08:10
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I have a situation where I occasionally receive MP3 files with foreign characters in the names of the files and even the folders. On my system these usually show as unprintable characters (that appear as spaces) but sometimes strange characters that are visible.
I would like to use Advanced Renamer to just remove these characters from all the folder/file names in an upper folder.
I think it would be any character that is NOT between x'20' and x'7E' (per an ASCII table I am referencing ).

Your thoughts?

04/09-19 08:10
#2 : 05/09-19 10:33
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Reply to #1:

Never mind! I believe I figured it out - but please verify if this is the best way to accomplish this.
I used a Replace method, specifying [^\x20-\x7E] in the "Text to be replaced".
I left the "Replace with" field empty and checked "Use regular expressions".
So far I see it working for both folder and file names.

05/09-19 10:33