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I'm wanting the context menu item for Advanced Renamer in File Explorer under Windows 10 to load files into an already open instance of AR. What's happening right now is the selected files open in a NEW instance of AR instead of the already running copy of Advanced Renamer.

I was using the version of AR prior to v3.84 under Windows 7 and I have a 6 screen setup. I would often have multiple instances of AR running with different batches loaded. To get it to load to the right instance i could just make it the active window before I right clicked on the files I wanted to rename and hit the "A" hotkey to load the files into Advanced Renamer and it would load to the active instance of AR.
When I wanted to use a different set of methods I just made that instance of AR the current one by just clicking on it and then using the context menu item would load them to the specified instance of AR from the context menu from within File Manager.
NOW when I use the context menu item it opens a new instance of AR. WITH NO batches loaded even though I already have an instance of AR running. Or 3.

Do you know how I can get Windows or AR to load items loaded from the context menu in File Explorer to load into a ALREADY RUNNING copy of AR instead of starting a new instance?

Some additional information that might be useful in troubleshooting the issue:
I use an application called Beyond Compare that finds differences in files or directories.
The context menu on files within this application has it's own context menu items that are different from Windows File Explorer. However one of those items is an item called "Explorer" which allows you to access the context menu items from Windows File Explorer one of which is the "Add to Advanced Renamer" context item from File Explorer. When I click on that item, from within Beyond Compare it loads it into an already open AR instance. Which is exactly what I want Windows to do. The same way it used to in Windows 7. I don't know why it works from within Beyond compare but not within File Explorer directly.

Any ideas?

I also tried the context menu item for "Add to Advanced Renamer" from within xplorer2, an alternate File Manager for windows that I use for some things. Unfortunately it does the same as File Explorer not the same as Beyond Compare. Meaning it loads the files into a NEW instance of Advanced Renamer not into an already running one with an active batch of methods loaded.
It's weird and confusing.

Why is it working from within Beyond Compare?
It suggests that Beyond Compare is adding something to the command before it executes it.
Any idea what that would be?

It's so weird it works perfectly from within Beyond compare. I just make the instance of AR I want to be loaded with the files the active one and the files load into THAT INSTANCE. Windows and xplorer2 both ignore any active instances of AR and start a new one and load the selected files into the new instance.

The reason this even matters is because W10 is the worst windows ever and loading some of the batches I've created takes 10-15 minutes which is crazy but there's nothing to be done about it. so If I use the NEW INSTANCE windows opens context items in I have to load the batch I want to use and wait a crazy amount of time and what's even worse is if I'm actually renaming a bunch of groups of files or directories I have to wait the 10-15 EVERY TIME because each new group of files will load into a new instance of AR not the instance it's already opened.

I'm hoping this additional information might trigger one of the programmers out there to understand what's happening.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide and have a great day.

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