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#1 : 10/09-19 20:33
Aubrey Thomas
Aubrey Thomas
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Hi, I have several 1000 photos taken on a holiday on 3 different cameras. All cameras had date and time synchronised. I have now sorted the photos I want to keep and put them into 1 folder. I would now like to import these photos in Advanced Renamer, sort them into Date Taken Order, then rename them sequentially by Date / Time order taken irrespective of which camera they were taken on.
Currently when I import the files into Advanced Renamer it lists all the photos taken on Camera 1 followed by all the photos taken on Camera 2, followed by all the photos taken on Camera 3. How can I rename just on Date/Time Taken irrespective of which camera was used?

10/09-19 20:33
#2 : 12/09-19 10:24
David Lee
David Lee
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Clicking on the column header of any column in the List will toggle the files between ascending and descending order of the contents of that column. ARen should then work on the filenames from top to bottom of the list.

You can add additional columns by right-clicking on any column header. While there is an option to display "Date Taken", not all cameras write this tag in which case you will probably need to use "Modified Date".

(Note that "Created Date" is likely to be the date that the file was last copied - ie the date that this particular copy was created - rather than the date that the image was created).

12/09-19 10:24