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#1 : 17/11-19 21:17
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Hoping someone else can see why I'm getting two responses from the same "Replace Instructions". I'm attempting to replace folder contents using the name of the directory the files are in. All the contents have unique extensions.

My Instructions:
Text to Replace: <Name>
Replace With: <DirName>

Out of a test of 7 files, 4 are working and 3 are not.
- Can't figure out why some are not.

Ex Failure:
Filename: Bart (201906)
Directory: Bart (2019)
Result: Bart (201906)

I don't think the problem is with DirName. If I change the replacement text with something other than <Name>, I can get a change with the Resulting filename. The problem could be the handling of the parentheses in the original filename. It seems the files that do convert, don't have existing parentheses in the filename.

If there's some way I can upload a screenshot, I will. If there's any additional information needed, please let me know...


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#2 : 17/11-19 22:30
David Lee
David Lee
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It's not obvious exactly what you are trying to do.

If you simply want to rename every file in each folder to the name of the containing folder then just use the New Name method with New Name: <DirName> and apply to Name only.

17/11-19 22:30