[REQUEST] thetvdb.com support

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#1 : 22/11-19 16:09
Robert D Powell
Robert D Powell
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have been using Advanced Renamer for a while now. For the most part I'm happy with it. it does what i need it to. Just have on problem i run into more often than i would like. The program only pulls information from tvmaze.com. My media server and most other metadata scrapers pull information from thetvdb.com, which typically is always the official air date order which can be different from the way tvmaze.com orders their stuff at times. which means if the files of a tv series are named and ordered the way tvmaze has them, the scraped meta data for the server will be wrong. So basically i'm asking if it would be possible add support for thetvdb (as well imdb possibly) with a menu option to select which source to pull the data from.

22/11-19 16:09