Mark even or odd file lines

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#1 : 15/12-19 06:44
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Hi, is there any quick way to mark all even or odd file lines without doing manually?

15/12-19 06:44
#2 : 15/12-19 10:42
David Lee
David Lee
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I don't believe that is possible. However it is a simple matter to add only even or odd files to the list.

Use Add Directories and select the folder containing the files, then use a "Regular expression match".

For even files: use "[02468].srt"
and for odd files: "[13579].srt"

Otherwise you can use a regular expression to rename only files in the list ending in an even or odd digit - you may need to use a script.

15/12-19 10:42 - edited 15/12-19 17:26