Let's make a really usefull date-naming

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#1 : 25/12-19 13:19
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I think most people like the picture-name to start with when taken, right? YYYYMMDD-### (rest of filename)

So why is't there a standard BatchMethods that tries to find the oldest date in all dates that are provided?

It should first look if there is a Exif-DateTimeOriginal or -CreateDate is present, if not maybe the Exif-ModifyDate, if not some other date, including the one that is written in the filename, or finally the <Img Year/month/day> or <Year/month/day Modified>.

Even add a "! " at the front if there is something strange about the dates that conflict in a way that modified-date is older than taken-date.

I'm sure many of you already tried this. Please share, test and finally add it to the standard BatchMethods.

thank you

25/12-19 13:19