How to rename multiple subtitles same as movie name?

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#1 : 06/01-20 12:52
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Hey guys, i need help. You see the problem in subject thread.

I wanna watch the Samurai Jack for my improve to english skills. So sorry for my terrible english. But i can't watch with subtitle. The subtitles extension are *.srt . I want to same name as video except extension but i try too more and too many fail :/ Can anyone help me?

Cut a long story short. Here is the screenshot ->

Video names are continue this way:
S01E01 - I The Beginning.mkv
S01E02 - II The Samurai Called Jack.mkv
S01E03 - III The First Fight.mkv

Subtitles names are continue this way:

Thanks to friends who will help :)

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#2 : 06/01-20 15:19
David Lee
David Lee
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Easiest way is via the "List" method.

1) First load your video files into the file list. You can use "Add" - "Directories", with the mask "*.mkv".

2) Ensure that the files are listed in ascending numerical order - click on the "Filename" column header if necessary.

3) Open a List method, select "Apply to:" = "Name" and then click on "Populate list" to load the video filenames.

4) Clear the file list and load the .srt files in the same way.

5) Ensure that the subtitle files are in the same order as were the video files.
Subtitle files will now be renamed according to the corresponding entries in the List method window.

6) Finally click on "Start batch" to complete the renaming.

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Thanks a lot, it is done :)

06/01-20 15:31