"Error communicating with server" License-Activation

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#1 : 23/01-20 11:47
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we purchased 5 licenses of Advanced Renamer for commercial use. When we try to activate an error is shown:

"error communicating with server"

We tried a connection with proxy bypass because no proxy can be configured in AR settings. Result is the same.


23/01-20 11:47
#2 : 24/01-20 13:38
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Contact me by email with one of the license keys and I will help you. You can find my email by using the Support menu item.

24/01-20 13:38
#3 : 09/02-20 22:15
Mark E Mitchell
Mark E Mitchell
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I get the same message-Error communicating with server and can't register the program. my email is miciol@verizon.net

09/02-20 22:15