GPS Values button greyed out

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#1 : 02/02-20 19:38
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I noticed from the home page of the GPS Values button in the ribben with a red balloon, but in my version it is greyed out.
I search through the user guide and the forum, but don't see any earlier remarks/question about this.
I use the portable version(3.84 and 3.85)


02/02-20 19:38
#2 : 03/02-20 16:02
David Lee
David Lee
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It's always worth checking the "What's New" page for new features that Kim has not yet added to the User Guide - linked from the Download page

Version 3.75
6. mar. 2017

GPS Values override
Advanced Renamer can rename files based on GPS coordinates embedded in image files, adding country and city to the file names. This is very useful for photos taken with iPhones. Finding the correct city is not as easy as one would imagine. The geo database contains many cities of varying sizes. Advanced Renamer chooses the best possible match by distance and size of the city. This is most often correct, but sometimes it is needed to correct the city. This can now be done by clicking the GPS Values buttons and overriding the collected information. The button will light up when GPS tags like the <GPS City> or <GPS Country> is present in one or more methods.

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