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#1 : 04/02-20 01:41
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Hey guys,

I have a bunch of folders with varying character counts in the format of the following

Im trying to remove the file details from the name... So it would look like this


Problem im having is that the file details part is different sizes for each folder.
The movie name is also of differing sizes.
I've tried several suggestions here but cant seem to figure it out for this scenario.

Note: closest i got was using the remove pattern options and removing (*) but this took out (YEAR) and i cant figure out how to get it to take out the last group

Thanks in advance... Key.

04/02-20 01:41
#2 : 04/02-20 10:16
David Lee
David Lee
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Use the Replace method with a Regular Expresssion:

Text to be replaced: (.*\)) .*
Replace with: \1
Use Regular expresssions

04/02-20 10:16
#3 : 04/02-20 11:24
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Reply to #2:
Thanks David, works like a charm :)

04/02-20 11:24