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#1 : 06/02-20 16:14
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thanks for the great program. I have a problem I hope you can help solving. I have a list in Excel of all the folders with their paths that need to be renamed, for example:

path | Name
path/2/42/3542/ New Name 1
path/1/81/5081/ New Name 2

Is there a way to use Advanced Renamer to rename all those folders? I suspect I have to use the script option, but I am not familiar with JavaScript. Any help with a script is greatly appreciated.

06/02-20 16:14
#2 : 25/02-20 17:43
Jorge Ducharme
Jorge Ducharme
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Reply to #1:
you make no mention if there are files in those folders?

you could generate a full list of files and move the files to the new folders using import data csv function.

see screenshot:

25/02-20 17:43