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#1 : 05/03-20 20:12
Mir Ali
Mir Ali
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Hello we are doing a project where we are replacing lead water services with copper for thousands of homes. The engineer is requiring that we name the files as following:

<house address>_<date picture taken>_<pre/during/post construction>_<feature name>

We upload pictures during preconstruction, construction and post construction for each house. So there will be three specific created dates for those groups of pictures.

I have various pictures in each folder for each house address

I figured out how to name the file using the directory name as such:

<DirName:1> <Year Created><Month Created><Day Created>...

Is there a method I can use where the program will take a look at the created dates and automatically name whatever is pre/during/post construction>?

Basically the earliest will be preconstruction, the latest will be post construction and everything in the middle will be construction.

05/03-20 20:12
#2 : 06/03-20 22:14
Jorge Ducharme
Jorge Ducharme
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i would do it in 2 steps. rename using the year-month-day that you already figured out.

then you could use the replace method using regular expressions to swap out the date for the text you want. you'd have to create a replace method for pre, during, and post.

using regular expression, i used the subgroup option to rename based on the month.
month 01-04 would get renamed. see pic link below. (you could just do it for dates instead of months..

06/03-20 22:14
#3 : 08/03-20 00:09
Mir Ali
Mir Ali
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Thanks a bunch!

08/03-20 00:09