Need help(files included in ".zip")

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#1 : 07/03-20 12:18
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I need to find in a ".zip" a file with specific name to rename it.
Could oneone help me with the javascrip to find this file in a .zip??

I am getting crazy......thanks a lot!!

07/03-20 12:18
#2 : 09/03-20 19:39
Jorge Ducharme
Jorge Ducharme
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here's a link to searching in a zip using windows 10 -do-a-search-in-file-explorer-that-inclu des-subfolders-of-zip-archives

advanced renamer won't rename files inside zips, you'd have to extract, rename, and zip again.

09/03-20 19:39
#3 : 10/03-20 13:01
David Lee
David Lee
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You can rename files within a zip archive using 7-zip (free from

The Windows version works just like Windows Explorer but an installation also contains a command line version (7z.exe) that is more powerful and allows you to rename a file in an archive without actually having to find it...

eg - from a command prompt - "<path\>7z.exe rn <path\> old.txt new.txt" will rename "old.txt" to "new.txt" in the folder "".

(Depending where the cmd prompt is open you may need to specify the full path to 7z.exe and/or the zip folder).

There is no search function in 7-zip but you can use the list option and pipe the output through the "findstr" command in a cmd console...

eg <path\>7z.exe l <path\> | findstr filename.txt

10/03-20 13:01