Either a bug or I'm going insane

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#1 : 05/05-20 06:29
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I'm trying to rename 61 mp3 files, the filenames have the id of a youtube video and I've got CSV with the format video id, video title, no headers.

https://pastebin.com/dTN3L7Vn <-- CSV file I'm loading from Import > Data from csv..
-columns separator is ,
-unchecked first line is header
-encoded as UTF-8

https://pastebin.com/i1g4Q7bq <-- file list I'm selecting from rename files > add

https://imgur.com/a/SdNxoW7 <-- the rules I'm using

You might guess I'm insane just by looking at the file list but I swear its for joke purposes,
I would love to pinpoint the issue here so any help is very much appreciated

05/05-20 06:29
#2 : 05/05-20 06:54
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Reply to #1:
nvm I'm insane, instead of using Data from csv I used Files from csv and it worked...

05/05-20 06:54
#3 : 26/05-20 11:51
Paul Bethea
Paul Bethea
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26/05-20 11:51