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#1 : 05/05-20 13:08
Colin K
Colin K
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When using CSV import the path is determined for all files by the "Base folder for original files" box on the CSV Import window.

That same path is transferred to the Rename Files tab - for every fiile.

Would it be possible to allow users to add a thrird field in the CSV so they can specify a path to not only rename the files but copy or move them (after rename) to a differnet folder?

Thanks ColinK
PS Fairly sure I posted this a few days ago but my profile is showing no posts - maybe I did nto post correctly.

Colin K

05/05-20 13:08
#2 : 05/05-20 14:14
David Lee
David Lee
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Your post is there (www.advancedrenamer.com/forum_thread?forum_id=10894) - and I posted a reply as below:

The feature is already present - see the User Guide:

Add your third column as you suggested
Import Files from CSV...
Import Data from CSV...

Use the same file for both imports.

Now you can access your location data using the tag <Csv:3>

Just insert this tag as part of the Output folder string in the Move or Copy batch mode

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#3 : 06/05-20 13:11
Colin K
Colin K
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Reply to #2:

Sorry I missed your previous reply (I think I was looking for my username vs topic).

Thanks for the further guidance.

I got it working for Rename and Move as one step as you sugested - import files then import data.

However when I try to move only, I am getting an error (obviously doing something wrong).

I used exactly the same steps, except set New Filename (optional) to zero, the file Import list returns OK, but when imported all files show as Filename not specified.

I am assuming I should be able to Move without renaming.

Can you identify my error.

Screenshot https://i.imgur.com/9k4CrA9.png

Thanks ColinK

Colin K

06/05-20 13:11
#4 : 06/05-20 14:42
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #3:


The Import Files function performs two separate procedures...

1. Loads filenames to the List from the specified Original Filename column

2. Opens a List renaming method and populates it with data from the specified (optional) New Filename column.

Unfortunately if you specify column zero for the new filenames ARen will still open the List method and populate it with blank filenames.

So all you need to do is delete or disable the List method and the files will be moved without renaming.

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