Any way to change TITLE and SUBJECT metadata?

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#1 : 07/05-20 14:29
Gene Vogt
Gene Vogt
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Need to bulk-add TITLE and SUBJECT to jpeg files (PROPERTIES-DETAILS). I see *some* of the DETAILS metadata listed (COPYRIGHT, etc.) but not those fields. Am I just missing it?

07/05-20 14:29
#2 : 07/05-20 17:48
David Lee
David Lee
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Advanced Renamer can only READ metadata tags.

However you can edit the values of some tags using Windows Explorer.
Select the files for which you wish to edit metadata, right click the selection and click on Properties.

You can then edit the values of tags in the Description and Origin sections - including Title and Subject. If the field is blank then select any tag name and a data entry box should appear when you "mouse-over" an editable field.

07/05-20 17:48
#3 : 17/07-20 03:36
Carl Hubbard
Carl Hubbard
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Reply to #2:
so does that mean I cant' rename some PPT files using the inherent TITLE field from Windows Explorer?
many thanks, Carl.

Carl H.

17/07-20 03:36
#4 : 17/07-20 08:18
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #3:
Try reading the manual yourself!

17/07-20 08:18