Is it possible to copy & rename files originally with the same names?

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#1 : 14/05-20 01:27
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Hi ,

I have different image files currently in different folders that have the exact same name and extension but that actually different pictures.

My goal is to copy them to the output folder and add date tags to their names so they can become distinct files in the output folder.

I would like to be able do that without changing their names in the original folders.

To do that, I performed the following steps:
1-Searched these files across the original folders so I could see them in a single window
2-Dragged them to Advanced Renamer software
3-Configured the renaming method (add date tags), the batch mode (copy), and the output folder
4-Pressed 'start batch' button

Apparently it didn't work because it can't copy & rename files that had similar names to start with (error 109)...

Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?

Thanks !

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#2 : 14/05-20 12:04
David Lee
David Lee
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You are doing something wrong! The error indicates that the NEW filenames are the same.

Check the New Filenames in the List and confirm that you are actually renaming them.

14/05-20 12:04
#3 : 14/05-20 16:37
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Reply to #2:
You're right, David, I've just realized both had the same 'date created' tags.
I switched them to 'date modified' and it worked!
Thank you !

14/05-20 16:37
#4 : 14/05-20 17:22
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #3:

That's a confusing feature of Windows!

Date Created is the date that Windows created a new version of the file whereas Date Modified is the date that the contents were modified - which tends to be the date the original file was created!

So if you copied both files to Windows at the same time they will both have the same Created date.

14/05-20 17:22