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#1 : 21/05-20 01:21
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Good day:

I am interested in this solution from the forum: um_id=5990

I have some 30,000 files after a system data recover. There are many duplicate filenames across many folders.

I wish to rename the files by prefixing a unique ID 5 digit number to each; starting with 10000 so that all the numbers are the same length without leading zero.

I wish to separate the ID from the original filename with a single space.

Thanks in advance for your help.

21/05-20 01:21
#2 : 21/05-20 08:53
David Lee
David Lee
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21/05-20 08:53
#3 : 24/05-20 19:46
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Reply to #2:
Thanks for your quick reply. The method you suggest does create a largely unique set of numbers.

Duplicate names are highlighted in blue so that I noticed the exceptions; good feature.

If there are multiple files with the same name but different extensions; the number is reused and so will not be unique.

Phagocytosis.txt becomes Phagocytosis 100001.txt
Phagocytosis.doc becomes Phagocytosis 100001.doc
Phagocytosis.rtf becomes Phagocytosis 100001.rtf

Thank you

24/05-20 19:46
#4 : 24/05-20 21:06
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #3:
I think that you have misunderstood.

Blue highlighting indicates "Pair Renaming". Files highlighted in blue are recognized as "pairs" of a base filename - ie same filename but different extension - and will be renamed in the same way as the base filename. The facility is intended to recognize standard metadata files and only works for certain filenames and only in one direction so you should turn it off in this instance.

It also appears that you are renaming duplicates using the Name Collision Rule.

You should use the Add method with the (Inc Nr> tag from the Default Tags...

Add: <Inc Nr:10000> plus space
At index: 0

24/05-20 21:06