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#1 : 26/05-20 17:37
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i think what i am trying to do is similar to um_id=6776

but i still need help

i have files that end with
TV SHOW - ETCETC 2020_05_19_18_30_00.txt

i want to remove the date portion and just have

however the date is not always added to my files so i cannot simply use the remove function to remove the last 20 characters etc.

i need a way to say Remove if it has the Date/time info at the end. ignore if it does not.

any thoughts?

26/05-20 17:37
#2 : 27/05-20 06:34
David Lee
David Lee
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Not just similar - your problem is identical in principal to the one in the thread that you mention and the solution is the same: use a regular expression to match the date string if it occurs at the end of a filename.

Re-read my previous explanation and the User Guide section:

In your case you don't have the advantage of parentheses to identify the string to remove, so you will have to define the date string itself.

Use the regular expression: " \d{4}(_\d{2}){5}$" (don't include the quotes).

You can use this in the Replace method, as in the previous solution, or more simply in the Remove pattern method.

The regex matches a space followed by four digits then five repetitions of an underscore and two digits, with the "$" indicating that the entire pattern must occur at the end of the filename.

27/05-20 06:34