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#1 : 11/06-20 15:04
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Hello All,

I find myself changing files to lower case all the time, so I'd like to add a context menu option to do it automatically. To do that, I only need the right command-line command, but the information about using arenc.exe from command line is very scarce.

I found a couple examples where an .aren file is invoked, but I have no idea how to create that.

I tried the Command Line Configuration tool included in Advanced Renamer, but it has way too many options and I can't find anywhere how to change case.

Can you help? Thanks!

11/06-20 15:04
#2 : 11/06-20 15:40
David Lee
David Lee
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It's quite straightforward.

However try using this utility:

11/06-20 15:40
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Reply to #2:
Thanks, David.

I managed to do it, I'm documenting it here in case it helps someone else with a similar question:

Inside Advanced Renamer, you can select all the methods you need (in my case it was just Change Case) then save them all to an .aren file by cliking the floppy icon to the far right of the menu bar just below Renaming Method List (I was failing to see that button, it's very small and discrete). I saved the method list as SetLowerCase.aren.

Then I went to Regedit > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > * > shell and added a new key named "Set Lower Case".

Inside that key I created a new key named command. Inside command, I introduced this command in the Default value:

"C:\Program Files\Advanced Renamer\arenc.exe" -e "C:\Program Files\Advanced Renamer\BatchMethods\SetLowerCase.aren" -f "%1"

It basically calls Advanced Renamer and tells it to use SetLowerCase.aren on the file or files you are right-cliking (that's the "%1").

Now when I right-click on any file I have a "Set Lower Case" option.


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