Zero Byte files

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#1 : 16/06-20 15:56
Daniel Gullo
Daniel Gullo
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If you have any zero byte files in the group that you are trying to rename, Advanced Renamer will hang during the Analyzing Files phase. At that point, the only thing you can do is terminate the application.

If there are zero byte files, these should be skipped during the import process.

This was REALLY frustrating me up until I discovered what was causing the problem. Now, I manually check for any zero byte files before I try to add to AR.

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#2 : 16/06-20 17:46
David Lee
David Lee
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It's a nuisance - but the problem isn't due to zero-size files per se - it's because Advanced Renamed is unable to find metadata fields inside the files. Unless you need to use metadata in your batch methods the solution is to disable metadata analysis in Program Settings.

There are separate settings for disabling analysis of image, music and video files.

ExitTool tags will still work when analysis is disabled

If you do need to use native metadata tags then a workaround is to load the files into the List with analysis disabled then add a size column to the List and reorder in increasing order of size. You can then remove any empty files from the top of the list and re-enable analysis. The files will be analyzed and your batch methods updated.

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