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#1 : 17/06-20 17:44
Mark Bellio
Mark Bellio
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I've been using Advanced Renamer for some time. Only recently has this become an issue, but I can't figure out the pattern of why.

Some folders I Highlight and click "Add Selected" have begun to do absolutely nothing. The "Add Folder" options box pops up, the radio button for "Add the files in the folders" is selected, I click "OK" and that's it, no response, no error....not sure what if anything has happened.

But this issue is inconsistent. Some folders add files and operate completely as expected.

Are there any bugs of others experiencing the same? Or any ideas why this could possibly be happening?


17/06-20 17:44 - edited 10/07-20 19:06
#2 : 10/07-20 19:09
Mark Bellio
Mark Bellio
Posts: 2
Reply to #1:

This issue is still occurring. I don't know what Folder's Property is which is preventing the files within to be found and populate the Rename Files listing.

10/07-20 19:09