Using a key to rename files? Excel key

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#1 : 19/06-20 02:47
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I have a folder full of files with code names like this:

I also have an excel sheet with the keys next to the names they are supposed to be. So column A is the codes names and column B has the correct names.

So it looks like:
Column A: Column B:
PBPX-95506 - ExampleName1
PBPX-95507 - ExampleName2
PBPX-95508 - ExampleName3

I want to convert files to the correct names from Column B.

19/06-20 02:47
#2 : 19/06-20 08:55
David Lee
David Lee
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You will need to add the file extensions to the original filenames in column 1,

19/06-20 08:55