CSV Import Renaming Wrong Files

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#1 : 19/06-20 19:08
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Here is what my CSV looks like: https://gyazo.com/3af8193abb46434117535db4a130cd 6c

Here is what AdvancedRenamer shows on import: https://gyazo.com/73547a420c547ec7f02e14e4c38c4a 08

But when I hit import it renames the wrong files. https://gyazo.com/eb86a2a4ce22c8920d12d07420248a 82

It looks like it isn't actually matching file names based on Column A and B but just going down the list and renaming ones that don't match. There are several files that don't have any new name listed on the CSV, so instead of skipping them it renames them to the next available value in the csv.

I would like the option for the behavior to be actually matching names based on the .csv instead of renaming the wrong ones.

19/06-20 19:08
#2 : 20/06-20 10:12
David Lee
David Lee
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The first file in the List does not appear in your csv file and all the other new names are offset by one file, so it seems that SCUS-94346.iso must already have been loaded in the List before you ran Import Files.

Import Files from CSV works in two separate steps. First it ADDS all the files listed in column 1 to the List. Then it opens a List method and loads the filenames from column 2 of the CSV file in the same order as the filenames in the List. Provided that the List was empty when you ran Import Files and you haven't reordered the lost then the files will be renamed correctly to the corresponding new names from the CSV file. However if you have an additional file already in the List then this will take the first new name so that the new names of all the ,remaining files will all be offset by one file as is obvious in your example images.

If any file in the CSV file does not have a corresponding new name in column 2 then the new name will be taken to be blank and you should set the Name collision rule to Fail so that these files can be skipped when you run the batch.

20/06-20 10:12