Sort Files to Folders by renaming the file path?

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#1 : 15/07-20 10:19
Ulrich Einweg
Ulrich Einweg
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Is it possible to sort my files to specific folders by renaming the file path?

eg if my file is named IMAGE_Model_color_view.png
sort it into IMAGE/Model/Color/IMAGE_Model_color_view.png


15/07-20 10:19
#2 : 15/07-20 11:49
David Lee
David Lee
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You will need to use a script to set the values of the new name and path.

The following script will create the new path within the original folder.

Make sure you set the Batch mode to "Move".

path =*(?=_.*$)/)[0].replace(/_/g,"\\");
item.newPath = item.path + path;

15/07-20 11:49 - edited 15/07-20 12:12
#4 : 17/07-20 08:49
Ulrich Einweg
Ulrich Einweg
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Reply to #2:
I'll ignore the spam and thank you very much. I'll atempt your suggestion. Probably will come back with more questions. Meanwhile, have an awesome day and stay save!

17/07-20 08:49