how to preload files from specific path

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#1 : 19/07-20 12:22
Ingo Fischer
Ingo Fischer
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I want to move and rename my media from diffent cameras and camcorders

I created an *.AREN-file to rename my images.
is it possible to define an selected path where to include the images and movies.
If i doubleclick an aren-file the AdvancedRenamer opens and the renaming works fine.
But i must everytime manually add the my files from F:\DCIM\ or G:\DCIM

My dream ist that after doubleclicking i have following things done:
Added all Files of F:\DCIM\???Media.\ F:\DCIM\PANORAMA\PANO???.\ and G:\DCIM\ with have follwing extensions: *.CR2 *.NEF *.DNG *.MP4 *.JPG

My script checks the camera-Type with exif-tool and the extensions an creates the new path an the name of every image.

So my wife can plug in the sd-card or cf-card of her devices and all files are moved and renamed automatically to the right folder structure with the right name and extension.
And she must do nothing else than doubleclick the aren-file and press OK to start moving the images and movies to the holiday notebook and synchronising the files to my cloud.

19/07-20 12:22
#2 : 19/07-20 13:55
David Lee
David Lee
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Easy - just create a batch file using the Command line configuration tool (from the Program menu).
The tool is self explanatory - I've just managed to set it up without any prior knowledge.

Add a separate line to the .bat file for each source path. If you save the batch file (or a shortcut) on your desktop all you will need to do is double-click the icon and all the files will be moved and renamed according to the contents of the .aren and .bat files.

The batch will not fail if one of the source paths cannot be found.

19/07-20 13:55