Advanced Renamer Bug?

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#1 : 23/07-20 22:52
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I have discovered a possible bug in Advanced Renamer involving long folder/file names.

If AR is being used to rename files that are many levels deep within a folder structure, Auto Test may show there will be no errors if the batch is run and so AR reports "OK" in the Error column. However, when the batch is actually run, it can happen that errors do occur for some files that AR "failed to find in the expected location." It seems this error occurs if the combined number of characters in the file name plus the file's parent folder names exceeds some limit (which may be 256 characters, but I haven't actually counted). To remedy the error, I have to undo the batch and then shorten the folder/file names for those files that could not be found.

AR's failure to find a file with too many characters in its folder/file name structure is probably due to a Windows limitation, and not a fault of AR itself. But it seems Auto Test not checking for this limitation, resulting in Auto Test reporting OK when, in fact, errors will occur. It would be very helpful, and a great time saver, if Auto Test was modified to detect and report the too many characters error so the problem can be corrected before the batch fails.

23/07-20 22:52