[Suggestion] Swap from Maze.TV to TVDB for eps naming?

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#1 : 09/08-20 08:15
Richard Waters
Richard Waters
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When renaming episodes, I have been finding more and more errors with the naming of episodes for TV shows. MazeTV seems to not be updated as often as other sites and I am finding some recent episodes of shows (if not mainstream) usually dont have an entry, or an incomplete entry, in the place.

TVDB is updated, they have recently (end of 2019) did a HUGE revamp of their website, made it more interactive and increased the number of shows in the database. When I have to rename shows manually because MazeYV has stuffed up I find the TVDB is spot on.

They also have an API that can be used too. - https://www.thetvdb.com/api-information

Just a suggestion.

Capt. Petabyte

09/08-20 08:15