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#1 : 09/08-20 18:41
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I have been using this piece of software for years now. When it become available, I didn't hesitate to use the paid version.

However, during my use of it when it came to analyzing files it become slower. Maybe because file sizes grew as time passed or something else.

My problem is all my files are on NAS with gigabit connection. They are all zip files with no metadata.

If I add like thousand files to AR it takes forever to analyze these. Most of the times it becomes unresponsive and crash. What is the point of analyzing these I don't get though. They are all zip files. I looked for a way to disable analyzing but couldn't find a way.

If there is any solution, please help.

Please, put an option to disable analyzing all together or for some custom file types.

09/08-20 18:41 - edited 09/08-20 18:45
#2 : 03/10-20 18:16
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I have a similiar problem, in my case the files are .package files I don't see why it has to analyze them at all, I just want to rename them.
There should be an option to turn off analyzing for ALL files (not just image and video) if you don't care about the meta data. I hope this can be a feature in the next version. I also feel like the current version has become slower in analyzing than the previous (with same size/amount of files going in)
Still love the program, thanks for making it!

03/10-20 18:16
#3 : 21/10-20 15:46
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I'm having a similar issue with video files. They are stored across a local 10G network. Advanced Renamer always freezes and is entirely unusable due to the analysis. Please finally provide an option to disable any analysis or checks if files exist. It just does not work for many cases and people.

21/10-20 15:46