[Suggestion] - Add Titles to steps

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#1 : 14/08-20 17:15
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I have several method lists, some with over 40 steps. Editing these is a pain because i have to go through each step to find out what they do. It would be incredibly beneficial to be able to add a name to each step such as "Trim first 5 characters" etc.
Currently if I have 10 steps each called replace, I have to click on each one to find out what specifically it replaces.

I understand you want to keep the interface minimal, but this feature would have no impact on users who dont use this feature.


14/08-20 17:15
#2 : 15/08-20 02:19
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Reply to #1:
Have you tried right clicking on a step and choosing "Add Description"? I do this on routines that I need to save so that I can easily see what each step is for.

Also, have you messed around with "List Replace"? I actually haven't used it, but it sounds like it might be a method you could use to reduce the number of steps.

15/08-20 02:19 - edited 15/08-20 02:21