Rename Series from "SXXEXX" to "SXXEXX Episode Name"

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#1 : 06/09-20 16:42
Jorge V Castellanos
Jorge V Castellanos
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Hello Advanced Renamer community,

What would be the proper method to rename TV series from the typical "Season Episode" to "Season Episode Chapter Name"?
For that, I have a batch of Files starting with "Serie name SXXEXX.mkv" and I will have a txt o csv file with the chapter names formatted like "SXXEXX Chapter name".
The idea is to use the "SXXEXX" part of both the current filename and text strings to match and replace and add the belonging chapter name to each file.
By looking to all options I think that the scripted option is the best choice. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



06/09-20 16:42