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#1 : 19/09-20 22:13
David Ippisch
David Ippisch
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First of all, your program has saved me hours and hours. I don't buy/donate often but I did yours. Thank you for creating it!

One snag I am in desperate need of help with. I have around 7000 photos/videos that I imported to my Windows 10 PC from my iphone. I am simply trying to change the file names to "YYYY MM-DD HH.MM.SS" Example

I have two challenges.
1) I can not get the date and time to be the ORIGIONAL photo/video date and time. Meaning the "oldest" date that is found in the metadata. Meaning the date the picture was truly originally taken. I have tried almost every date field, and even several of the EXIF date fields, and they either show differently in AR than they do in the Windows metadata, or only a handful of the files have the field so it does not work. I believe that the "Date Taken" field would work but on any photos that were copies, or screenshots, or edits, there is no "Date Taken" field. I tried other fields with similar issue. The closest I have found is the Exif "FileModifyDate". What I believe I really need is the "Origin Date Take" as primary but if it is missing then to use the "<ExifTool:FileModifyDate>". Some things the "Media Created Date" is accurate. It seems like I am missing something. There must be an easier way since this must be such a common issue. Any ideas or suggestions?

2) I can not figure out how to apple EST time zone. -4/-5 depending on if it is daylight savings time. Everything loads in UTC. When you view the EXIF it is correct, the issue is only when I try to apply the EXIF to the file names. Also, I would REALLY like AM/PM (dumb I know haha). Is there a way to do that?

Thanks so very much,


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